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Emotions Conflicted, Hidden in Salty Tears

Don't cry, Loz...

Loz Jenova
14 February
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[This is not a real journal, but a role-playing journal for dusk_academy. For the real journal of Loz's player, check out celes_fire.]

Name: Loz Jenova
Age: 21
Birthdate: February 14
House: Phoenix
Year: Third Year
Room Assignment: Phoenix Flame
Roommates: Zidane [heartsteal, Momiji [sillyusagi], and Noa [strengthtohelp]
Weapons: Dual Hound and Yazoo's other gunblade
Elements: Lightning and Earth

Loz is the second oldest, but tends to be treated like the youngest due to his childish emotions. He and enjoys hand to hand combat the most, over magic. He dislikes using most weapons, except for his pile bunker, Dual Hound. Although he does normally have Yazoo’s other gunblade on him in case of emergencies. Of the group he tends to be childish in some ways and likes to ‘play’ a lot. He is a bit more emotional than the others and tends to cry easily.

Sephiroth may be the oldest, but due to his elder brother's personality and traits, Loz tries his best to act the older brother part to his two younger brothers, Yazoo and Kadaj. Sometimes worrying more about what they want, he'll put their needs before even his own.

Physical Appearance:
Loz is a taller man, with broad shoulders, chest, and muscular build. Physically looking stranger than his other three brothers, although lacking the true strength of his eldest brother, Sephiroth. His masculine features of his face are usually set in a grimace or scowl, as he attempts to seem tougher than he really is. His eyes are an unnaturally vivid green with a snake slit pupil which is the mark of all the Jenova boys.

His white-silver hair is slicked back with an unusual amount of hair gel, giving him the impression of a gangster or tough guy. Along with the shortest hair of the four brothers, Loz also sports a matching set of white-silver sideburns which frame his face, giving him an almost wolfish feel.

He tends to wear black leathers, be it his clothing, shoe wear, etc. Any chance he can get away with not wearing his school uniform, he'll wear his leather tight leather pants, and leather jacket (no shirt). His fashion sense has been a controversy, even for his brothers.

Pretending to be the oldest, Loz will sometimes ignore the wishes of his eldest brother, Sephiroth, when it conflicts with the best interests of Yazoo and Kadaj. More a follower than a leader, he tends to listen to Kadaj or Yazoo in absolute, which gets him more in trouble than naught.

Outside of his family, Loz will attempt to seem tougher than he really is, hurdling insults or even fists, instead of settling a conflict with words. This is just a mask to hide his true emotions. He has a habit of letting himself get upset very easily. This causes him to cry like a child in most cases, instead of working out his emotions and thoughts.

With his insecurities, Loz will follow Kadaj's lead in bulling others, to make himself feel more comfortable. Because of this, Loz opens up to very few others outside of his family.

Born in the city of Neo-Midgar in the world of Terra, Loz is the second son of Jenova. Being picked on by Sephiroth, it was a blessing when Yazoo was born, then Kadaj. It was a shame when they decided to pick on him as well.

Still holding his two younger brothers in higher regard than Sephiroth, he found himself following both Yazoo and Kadaj, treating them more like the older brothers at times. This tended to get him in more trouble with his mother, especially when he took the blame for their actions.

When Sephiroth first attended Dusk Academy, Loz enjoyed his freedom from his oldest brother, and the time he was able to spend with Yazoo and Kadaj. Even to this day, he still considers that the best year of his life. When his mother announced that he as well would be attending next year, it was as if there were dark clouds raining depression down upon him. It was Yazoo who coaxed him out of his depressive state, telling him the simple, yet taunting words of, "Don't cry, Loz." Still to this day, it is Yazoo who can get Loz to stop crying before any of the others.

His first year of Dusk Academy was lonesome, his thoughts were ever on his younger brothers, who he wrote to at least once a week. Updating them on his activities and classes, Loz couldn't wait for the next year to begin, which would bring Yazoo.

With the start of the new school year, the thought of Kadaj attending DA was welcome news. The threesome would be reunited, and the new year promised to be full of surprises. And terror for those who stood in their way.

Choice of Pet:
None at the moment. His last pet was a lizard by the name of Skippy, which drowned itself in its water dish last year. The memory of poor Skippy still brings tears to his eyes.

Class Schedule:
Elemental [Lighting] - level 4
World History
P.E./Sex Ed.
Hand to Hand - level 4
Elemental [Earth] - level 3 {retaken due to failure to pass last year}

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1st Materia Elem: Earth Materia Elem: Earth Materia
2nd Aid: Hand to Hand Class☆
3rd Free Elem: Lightning Free Elem: Lightning Free
4th World History Free World History Free World History
5th Free
6th Free Hand to Hand Free Hand to Hand Free
7th Gym/Sex Ed.

As a note, Loz is the aid for second period's Hand to Hand class. It's more like an assistant, and by assistant, I mean he is stuck doing all the jobs the teacher doesn't want to do. This is extra credit to make up for the fact that he failed a class (Elemental [Earth]) the previous year. It's more of detention, than extra credit. It was the only way that he would become a third year, instead of staying a second year.

Jenova Brothers
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