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Emotions Conflicted, Hidden in Salty Tears
Don't cry, Loz...
25th-Jan-2012 08:15 pm - >.>
Please don't purge this journal.
13th-Apr-2008 04:45 am - Fucking annoying
Why the hell are the teachers bothering me?! Yeah, I failed a few classes last year, but it doesn't mean they have to be on my fucking case the whole time?

I'm very annoyed. I still haven't had time to see Kadaj, or anyone else. And then I need to go back home next holiday to see Mother.

Yazoo, I need to see you soon.

To top everything off, Duel Hound is screwing up. I don't know what it is, something with the output. It's not doing entirely the damage it should be.

Know anyone who can work on mechanics around here?
5th-Apr-2008 02:36 am - Too much noise
I know a lot of shit happened at Fenrir.

I need to go see Kadaj.

Sephiroth's back now, too.

Yazoo? I just got your voice mail. It's garbled. I can't make out what you're saying.

I'm going to go see Kadaj soon. Tonight, maybe.

I need to see Yazoo, too.

No call from mother, either...I'll write her or something. Tell her that everyone's okay. Maybe she'll visit. Kadaj needs Mother.

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26th-Mar-2008 06:05 pm - Yazoo...
Rufus Shinra informed me that my brother (Yazoo) is back.

Yazoo, can we...talk?

I missed you...

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27th-Feb-2008 01:29 am - Brothers, Parties, and Cookies
I still haven't ran into Kadaj or Yazoo, but I heard I keep missing them. How stupid. Not them, just the crap with it. I'm going to go searching again.

I'm also happy I hid from my birthday. I hope whoever went to that damn party had fun. Sorry to whoever threw it. Thanks for the thought. Sarcasm is supposed to go here.

Uh, Momiji? Thank you. For the cookie. No sarcasm there.
22nd-Feb-2008 03:23 am - Brothers?
Has...anyone seen Kadaj or Yazoo around lately?

It's like every time I go in search for them in their rooms, they're not there. Sephiroth, maybe you know something? Or Riku.

I've been trying to call, too, but no answers. I'm really scared and worried.


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13th-Feb-2008 12:28 am - ...floppy ears...
I look like a dog boy. I AM a dog boy.

I blame you, Yazoo. You told that stupid pixie to do that to me! I know it! T.T Make it go away!!!

6th-Feb-2008 06:05 pm - Damn...
Damn...The day. It's coming. February 14th.

I think I'm going to go hide now. Just eight more days, and a bunch of noise and annoyance.

And a letter and package from Mother. I wonder what Mother will send me this year?

And I haven't seen that bunny rabbit around lately. It was kind of cute...I wanted to keep it as a pet...

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2nd-Feb-2008 04:05 am - Bunny?
I woke up to get a glass of water, and I swear I saw a rabbit in my dorm room.

I don't get it.
[ooc: Just in case they didn't catch it in the dusk_academy_x3 comm, I'm posting the text here, too. For a quick-link to the fight, go here. Be WARNED!! This is about to have a lot of typos, mispelled words, and grammatical errors. I'm typing this exactly how Loz would type it. My brain hurts....]

Text Message to SEPHIROTH and YAZOO:
kadaj is fightin im outside theres a lot of people out here he mite need help

Translation: "Kadaj is fighting. I'm outside. There's a lot of people out here. He might need help."
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